Meet the team

Meet our exceptionally talented team that makes upgrading your lash game possible ♥ 

1. Why did we choose Sweed?
2. Favorite Sweed product(s)?

Chairman of the Board

1. What I especially like about Sweed is the genuine commitment from our founder Gabriella and her authenticity within the industry. She creates uncompromisingly fantastic products based on her many years of experience as a makeup artist.

 2. Our Eyelash Growth Serum 


1. There is so much love behind Sweed! The high quality products and the genuine support from the world's most prestigious makeup artists make Sweed more than just a beauty brand. 

2. Lash Lift Mascara & the Silk Kohl pencils are incredible!

Influencer & Social Media Manager

1. Sweed lashes has updated the lash game and makeup community with high quality and cruelty-free products. I was so inspired by the brand and therefore it was given that I wanted to become a part of Sweed´s amazing journey. 

2. Silk Kohl eye pencil - Bright

Social Media Manager
1. What's not to love about Sweed? Founded by a fantastic woman and one of my oldest friends, Sweed offers the best lashes on the market (which are also vegan!).

2. The Silk Kohl pencils are wow!

Customer Care

1. I love to help people out - and and why not help the best customers in the world..? Sweed customers are the best!

2. The pen sharpener!


CEO & Founder

1. Sweed is here to level up your lash game like never before!

2. This is a terrible question for me. It's like asking which of your children you like the most, haha! I love my children just as much ;) If I had to choose, I would say our eyelash serum or mascara


Art Director

1. Before Sweed was 'a thing', the lash market was a somewhat uninspiring, but Sweed wanted to change that. They wanted to stand out and I wanted to be along on the ride!

2. Nikki No Lash-lash

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