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When it comes to creating makeup looks, it doesn’t matter what eye look I choose – the drama often comes from the lashes. As a makeup artist, I’ve always struggled to find the perfect lash to suit all my needs, and I’m often asked how I create such defined, full, yet natural-looking eyelashes.

Dajana Edition 2

Jeg gleder meg over å kunne lansere mine egendesignede løsvipper ‘North’ og ‘South’ for å fullføre min egen kolleksjon med Sweed Lashes.

Ida Ekman Edition

I want my creations to represent me as an artist. I´m all about bold, sharp and extraordinary looks. With makeup I can express my creativity and therefor I was super excited when this collaboration with Sweed Lashes became reality.

Thomas Sekelius Edition

I wanted to create a lash that represents me and I wanted the lash to be able to take your look to the next level. Tha lashes comes in a yellow box that stands out, just as you will do when you wear my lashes! Stay flawless!

Dajana Edition

I´m a big fan of Sweed Lashes and as soon as Gabriella Elio contacted me I was super excited! My lashes comes in a nude beige box which reflects my classic style. I´m proud of my collection with Sweed Lashes, and I hope that you will get inspired by my creations.

By Terry Edition

Sweed Lashes proudly presents our collaboration with By Terry, and the founder Terry de Gunzburg. The “Sweed By Terry Edition” offers 4 different styles of lashes designed with Terry to fit every occasion.

Ida Sjöstedt Edition

Ida Sjöstedt collection is a romantic and flirty lash designed for my spring 2016 collection – Summer of Love. The lashes are delivered in a peach rose box that matches the collection.

Linda Hallberg Edition

I love to use single lashes since they can give a more natural look than strip lashes and also last longer. But using single lashes can be a bit time consuming. Therefore I have designed double and triple lashes in clusters that makes application much faster and easier.

Rebecca & Fiona Edition

Swedish pop star duo Rebecca & Fiona have designed an own pair of lashes with their iconic style. They use the eyelashes as an accessory with their playful doll-look on stage.